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Nia Ndewele, Fashion Designer

Nia Fashion provides Afro-centric clothing in appealing contemporary designs that convey the essence of the Motherland, Africa.  With accents of traditional African fabric, Nia Fashion clothing empowers by connecting to a culture and ethnicity that inspires and uplifts.

Nia Ndewele, founder and CEO of Nia Fashion always gravitated to the expression of Art.  As a young girl she was always creating art pieces, metallic string designs of copper and gold that she would force her family to buy. Fiber roses which was the influence of her mother that she would sell for Mother's day. Relocating from Philadelphia in 1975, Nia went on to explore creative venues.

Her first creative expression in the world of fabric and design was her own take on handmade ribbon roses which she later incorporated the use of African fabric. She became known in the city of Los Angeles for her roses. The Los Angeles Street Scene, Kingdom Day Parade, Christmas parades, Rose Bowl parades were just a few of the events that got her the recognition. Thru a motivational crisis Nia was spiritually led to the renowned fashion design program at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College.Nia Wearing White Linen Pants and Long Sleeve Shirt

With the intention to awaken the ethnic and cultural consciousness of African-American's through "pride in fashion," Nia learned the fashion industry inside out. Her first line of casual separates was an instant hit with men, woman, children. Purposeful, and a willingness to be open to diverse avenues of support, led Nia to participate with conferences, retreats, school association events and sorority presentation.

In the early 90's, Nia committed to a relationship with the world renowned African Marketplace and Cultural Faire, becoming one it's premier vendors.

Nia Fashion encompasses men's and women's career and formal wear, children's wear, wedding attire and custom designs. Celebrity clientele include Whoopi Goldberg, C.C.H. Pounder, Iyanla Vanzant and Raven Symone. Recently, Nia introduced the exciting new "Animale Ethnique," a line of Afrocentric garments and accessories designed with those special little ones in mind-our pets! Now the entire family can arrive decked out in Nia Fashion!

Nia Fashion started with the simple concept, "pride in fashion," and has grown into a company that strives to empower a sense of connectedness in all who proudly wear its label.

Mission Statement

Nia Fashion provides quality Afro centric clothing in American designs that stimulate the essence of Africa-the motherland in America. It empowers the African American with a sense of connectedness to home that promotes self-esteem through identity.

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